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In the fall of 2019, Arena Electronics Advanced Industries Company or Veera Electronics for short, was established in Iran's technology hub, Pardis Technology Park, based on 20 years of technical, commercial and international experience of the founders and the team. In the beginning, the technical knowledge of this company in the production of digital memories was offered under the title of a plan for the co-up shared space route. After going through the process of documenting and presenting the completed plan in front of the jury of the park, it succeeded in receiving the certificate of completion of this course and after Then this company became a member of elite technology growth. After that, the company's machines were installed and started at the location of this company in the technology park to enter the mass production stage.

This Company started to operate as the first manufacturer of digital memory in Iran's Fanavari ecosystem with the aim of achieving a quarter of the domestic market share of memory. Further, Veera Electronics succeeded in obtaining a technology license from the Vice President of Science and Technology.

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Veera Electronics

With a glance at the volume of digital data production and storage in the past years and examining the explosive trend of increasing digital data production worldwide, which is in the context of the digitization of most expressions, machines, and consumables from From airplanes and cars to refrigerators and televisions, we realize that there is an increasing need for the growth of digital storage production in the near and mid-term future. Also, by examining the growth rate of investment in the production of digital notebooks, it seems that this growth is not enough to meet the needs of the market in the coming years, and due to this difference, the digital notebook production industry will become more profitable with the passage of time and the need for the products produced by these companies. It will be much more. Also, due to the increasing digitization of governance issues around the world, the memory industry will become one of the strategic industries for the countries that produce these products, which will invest hundreds of billions of dollars in the United States and tens of billions of dollars in China to set up upstream factories in memory industry is an indicator of this importance in order to create relative independence in the production of these products.

In the market of digital notebooks in Iran, which is a fledgling industry that emerged after 2000, until 2015, the Iranian market was monopolized by about twenty global brands. There are less than 10 companies in Iran. The main distributor has been the sales representative of these brands in the Iranian market. In this business model, the main profit goes to the foreign company that owns the brand, which was probably also the manufacturer. Obviously, the cost of advertising and after-sales services and the problems caused by it also The responsibility of the foreign company was the owner of the brand. In 2015, with the breaking of tradition, the first Iranian company launched the first Iranian-owned brand, and this trend began to change. They introduced new brands with Iranian ownership. In the new business model, Iranian companies get a much larger share of the commercial profit. But at the same time, they got involved with new quality, technical and commercial problems.


Veera Electronics

Given that a significant part of Iran's memory market share is owned by less than 20 companies whose brand names are owned by these same Iranian companies and mainly sell their products with Their prepared orders for Chinese manufacturers. Our company, having a quality level (speed of transmission and useful life, etc.) higher than the products produced in China and with a competitive price, considered the products of these brands as its main target market. It should be mentioned that by using its innovative technology called "H2-ECC Reduce Cycle", Veera Electronics was able to significantly reduce the cost of its products while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

Also, value-added services, many of which are provided in Iran only by Veera, also help to make the products of this company more profitable.

The next attractive factor of Veera's production products is customization, which is divided into two categories: physical and software customization. See more information about the details and types of customization in the product services section.


About the products and services of Veera Electronic Company

Veera Electronics products are divided into MicroSD and Nand-Flash Memory.

This company with valuable experience in digital memory technology based on flash, according to the needs of different data generating devices, various solutions and products designs, produces and supplies For example, for small devices with a constant need to write and read data, such as smartphones, digital cameras, and tracking systems, it has various types of memory cards and especially microSD cards in its product portfolio. Also, for medium-term storage and multiple physical transfers, it has released various types of flash disks with different appearances, body materials, and transfer speeds.


Micro SD Memory

Flash Memory

OEM Services

OEM Services

Organization chart

The organizational structure of Veera Electronics Company is similar to large and global companies in the memory industry, which consists of different departments. We will discuss it briefly in this section

Finance and accounting unit

In this department, all the financial affairs of the company, including major, strategic and legal matters, as well as Khord Mashrian's accounting, are carried out.

The main founders of the Veera Electronics Group are the Mugranjad brothers. "Navid Moqranjad" with specialized education in network systems as the main founder of Empire Technology Company in China in 2003 created the initial core of this complex and in the following years "Tohid Movagharnejad" joined this group as a co-founder. Of course, "Hessam Zerafat" was and is an important member of the Veera (Empire) family as the responsible manager of Empire Technology Company in China. Along with other Iranian people and colleagues, Mrs "Anna Kabakova" is a Russian member of this team as a business expert. Also, Mr. Ayman Faitrouni, who is from Syria and one of the most prominent digital memory sales experts in the Middle East, is also a member and colleague of the Veera Electronics team. Besides him, Veera Group benefits from the presence and help of Mr. "Rick Chu" from Taiwan, who is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in this industry at the global level, with about 30 years of experience in the memory industry.

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