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OEM production as

The main purpose of this form of the product supply of Vera Electronics Company is the various products of the digital memory product basket with the customer's brand and in the form of a fully packaged product that can be sold directly to the customers of the brand owner. .

These products in terms of technical specifications such as memory capacity and transfer speed and shell material as well as appearance specifications such as the shape of the shell printed on the body and the design of the packaging according to the customer's request and order and according to It is designed and implemented according to the needs of the destination market of the relevant brand.

This type of supply is divided into two general categories:

A: The owners of brands that currently have memory products in their product portfolio, which, upon the order of the brand owner, it is possible to produce the items in the product portfolio of that brand with better quality and price. There is competition from Vira company. It is also possible to add new items and complete the product basket of that brand.

B: Owners of trademarks whose product portfolio includes electronic consumer goods, household appliances, surveillance and security systems, mobile phones, and their accessories, audio and video products, etc. There is, but the product basket of the mentioned brand is empty of all types of memory. For these customers, Vera Electronics Company should produce and supply all types of memory related to the main products of the brand's product basket, complete and packaged with the ordered brand.

Explanation that the possibility of a long-term supply contract is also available for both categories of customers.

Production and supply of components of different types of memory

This form of supply of products for brands that currently do part of the production and packaging process in Iran and mainly get their raw materials from UAE or China or... will be imported. It is suitable.

In this method, each of the primary components of the memory products is offered to the brand owners with the best quality and competitive price with foreign competitors. In this method, the commercial profit coefficient of the brand owner according to The production and packaging steps carried out by the company itself will be higher than in other methods.

The main components that can be supplied are as follows:


PCBA Solutions

One of the main hardware solutions for memory production is the use of multi-layer electronic boards, PCBA, which other components of Flash Disk such as Controller and memory unit (TSOP), etc. Pick & Place is installed on the PCBA.

The biggest advantage of PCBA over other memory solutions is the significant reduction in cost due to the lack of physical space limitations.

UDP/MUDP Solutions

Types of memory chips that are divided into several categories according to the physical dimensions of capacity and transfer speed, etc. This is the main component of memory that stores and transfers information is done by this piece.

One of the advantages of this solution its very small dimensions, being waterproof, shockproof, and resistant to X-rays as well.

Raw TF

This piece is actually the same as a MicroSD memory card, but it does not have packaging, printing, manufacturing series, or serial number which is usually engraved with a laser on the back of the product.

Customers and brand owners can benefit from printing and packaging done by themselves.

Flash disk shell (housing)

As it is clear from the name of this part, a shell mainly made of metal forms the body of various types of flash disks, which is called housing.

The best shells available in the world market today are made of Zamak alloy, which is very hard and resistant at the same time.

This company offers customers a variety of skin designs to choose from.

Of course, besides zamak, there are also polymer shells in the market, which can be supplied if the customer needs them.

Product customization services

This type of product and service supply is suitable for small and medium-sized companies, and is used for advertising purposes, informing and equipping the company's personnel. This type of order is for a small number ( (less than 1000 pieces) can also be done.

The customization of memory products can be done according to the needs of customers in two layers of software and hardware.

Hardware customization

such as choosing the material and color and appearance of the shell, inserting the customer's trademark on the product, adding hardware security layers such as encryption and biometric security, and designing the material, appearance, and design On the packaging is among these services.

Software customization

Also changing the profile (icon) of the disc and the name of the disc at the request of the customer. Also, preloading the data on the relevant disc and the possibility of automatically executing the embedded data, whether text, image, or video in The connection time to the port is also one of these services.

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