History of Veera Electronics Company

February 2004

Technology Empire - Shenzen

Registration and launch of Empire Technology Company in the world's capital of electronics production, the city of "Shenzhen" in China, as the first entrepreneurial step to begin activities in the field of electronics on a global scale using the latest commercialized technologies.

*This company is still active and acts as an arm of this group in finding and interacting and providing raw materials for the production of this company on a global level.

Summer 2006

Technology Empire - Hong Kong

Registration of Empire Technology Company branch in Hong Kong to complete the business chain from and to mainland China.

2008 Summer

Fragaman fanavari Iranian - Iran

Return to Iran and register the company "Fragaman fanavari Iranian" with the company of a group with experience in the domestic market of Iran to distribute memory products in the domestic market and act as an exclusive agent for sales and after-sales services of the world's most prestigious brands such as Pretec, Kingmax, Silicon power, Integral, Patriot

*This company was dissolved around 2015, but other partners continued to operate under the same name.

2011 Year

Empire of technology - Russia

Settling in the country of the Russian Federation and registering the branch of the "Empire Technology" company in Russia and partnering with one of the largest manufacturers of optical discs named "Mirex" in setting up the assembly line of memory products with the help of the "Pretec" company of Taiwan in the city of Moscow. in Russia.

2013 Year

Empire Technology - Emirate of Dubai

Emigration to the United Arab Emirates and registration of the Empire Technology company in the free zone "Dubai Silicon Oasis" which is also known as "Silicon Valley of the Middle East".

2014 Year


Hiring the vice president of "Pretec" company (Mr. Rick Chu) of Taiwan as a technical consultant and seriously starting studies to enter the industrial and production phase for memory products by purchasing limited devices and setting up a pilot in Taiwan for about 6 months. /p>

2015 Year

Starting the production phase - Emirates

Setting up the production unit of Empire Technology for light industrial units in the Silicon Oasis with an infrastructure of about 500 square meters and adding production machines for the production of microSD cards in the first phase.

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Year 2016

Capital attraction - Emirates

Partnership with "Avaco" Holding as an investor to provide the working capital required to produce a sufficient number of products to be supplied to the UAE export market. It was also done this year: adding all kinds of flash disks to the basket of manufactured goods by providing the necessary machines.

2016 until 2018

Expansion of collection activities

Production and supply of more than 2 million pieces of memory. Supplying about 10 brands to various main markets such as Middle Eastern Arab countries (Arabia, Iraq, Syria...) and North Africa (Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt), and some African countries such as Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya, as well as Russia and Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, as well as Brazil and our dear country Iran.

Some of the brands offered to the market: are Actus, Apex, Vetron, iDisk, ZNY, ... these exports are by Emirati companies (registered in the UAE) such as ZNY, Ashtel, Oskar, Bluetec, Goldel Ring, Wize Technology, Numidia, ... has been accepted and there is still this connection and the need for goods for the export of our manufactured products.

Year 2018

decision to leave the UAE

After 2018 USA election and the intensification of the cruel sanctions against our country, we faced various problems such as the closing of the company's bank accounts and the non-renewal of the residence visas of the founder of this company, and the daily increase in the risk of continuing to operate in the UAE, we decided to leave the UAE and consider Iran as We chose the new location of this company.

Year 2019

Transfer of production equipment to Iran

By transferring all the machines to Iran, we registered a new company named "Pars Chip Development" in consultation with the Tehran Computer and Technologists Union and settled in a rented place on south Kheradmand Street (Haft Tir-Iranshahr) and We installed most of the machinery there and started production.

After a few months, due to various reasons, the most important of which was the warning from the municipality, we decided to stop operating in that place and suffered a loss of several hundred of million.

Summer 2020

Participation in the course of the elite growth center of Pardis Technology Park

After the studies, we came to the conclusion that the technology park is a suitable platform for activities with the perspective of development and synergy. After consulting with the park experts, we entered the park complex through the co-up shared space acceptance channel.

autumn 2020

Establishment in campus technology park

At the same time as passing the co-op course, we rented the needed industrial space in the park and so far we have renovated and equipped this production place with a cost of 300 to 400 million tomans.

Spring 2021

Production of AXIS brand

Production and supply of a new brand for the domestic market under the brand name AXIS, this brand is produced and supplied by Veera Electronics Company, which is in the process of obtaining a "Made in Iran" license.

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